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Monday, February 14, 2011

PT: Paris!

This just in! Pro Tour Paris' top 8 decklists are here!

I was pretty surprised at the relevance of Caw-Go. I was not expecting it to explode as well as it did.
We saw in first place Ben Start with Caw-go, followed by Paul Rietzl with an interesting Boros decklist.
Third place is another Boros decklist with very similar build to that of Paul Rietzl. Fourth is another Caw-go list, followed by G/W Quest, Tezzeret Control, Caw-go again, ending with U/W Aggro bringing it home. The odd deck out is Patrick Chapin's deck due to the fact that it is the only deck to not be running four-of Squadron Hawk, a seemingly powerful card this time around.

On a different note I will be posting more often, I haven't been due to being terribly ill. More magic stories will continue to be posted as they happen and I get time. I plan on updating if not every, very other day of the week.


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